Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fundraiser for the Virginia Defender, the only statewide progressive newspaper

The Virginia Defender, the all-volunteer community newspaper published by my organization, the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, is holding a fundraiser! As is always the case, none of the money goes to an individual: we're all donating our time and talents to put news and analysis out there. The money goes straight to the printer. Our Autumn 2017 issue is going to focus on the history of Richmond's confederate monuments (which we've been calling to take down since 2006) and the history of Shockoe Bottom, once the center of the domestic slave trade.

We were there in Charlottesville last Saturday, and you can read our report, with pics and video, at our website (

To donate, see this link.

Dance Class to Support Victims of Nazi Attack

Sorry about the late notice, been busy.

Tomorrow, Sunday August 20th 2017, from 1-2pm, at Electric Nomad Dance(109 West 15th Street, Studio 104, Richmond VA), noted local dancer and instructor Twila Jane Sikorsky is giving a class to benefit Black Lives Matter Charlottesville. Twila has toured and taught around the country, and you can see her perform on Sundays at the Crossroads Cafe on Forest Hill Avenue.

Beginners welcome, $5-15 suggested donation, all proceeds to BLM in Charlottesville. If you can't make this class, don't worry: this is the first of a series.

For more information and to RSVP, see this link

Seven Hills Autonomous Queers Open Meeting

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017, from 7-9pm, at Abner Clay Park (200 West Clay Street, Richmond VA), the Seven Hills Autonomous Queers are holding an open meeting to discuss items of LGBTQ concern, how to get involved with SHAQ, ongoing projects, and more.

Some refreshments will be provided; bring some to share as well. For more info and to RSVP, see this link.

Richmond Food, Clothing & Resistance Collective

Mutual aid like this forms the foundation of movements against injustice. I know we’re all strapped for cash, and I know it seems like there are a hundred important fundraisers happening (kind of inevitable when you’ve got working-class people trying to fight the entrenched systems designed to keep us down), but if you can spare a couple bucks, this is a good one. You can donate here

Friday, August 18, 2017

Planned Parenthood Benefit Show

Saturday, August 26th 2017, from 10pm-1am, at Flora (203 North Lombardy Street, Richmond VA), there will be a show to benefit the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. Featuring: Pete Curry, the Smirks, Foresterr, and Neat Sweep.

$5 donation at the door, all proceeds to the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. 21+ only. Street parking only.

For more info and to RSVP, see the link

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Centrism isn't a position so much as it is the ability to take an average between other people's positions, no matter how disparate. It's a cop-out non-position which has no moral test. Where's the middle point between "Hitler was right and inferiors must be eradicated" and "Hitler was wrong and all people have human dignity"? I'll tell you what that middle point is: wrong!

Sometimes, two ideas are utterly incompatible. Sometimes, the middle ground between two incompatible ideas functionally does not exist; any refusal to completely reject one pole is an endorsement of it. Sometimes only total rejection is a moral response. Pick a side.

Newsweek story: "Charlottesville Police Refused to Protect Synagogue from Nazis"

Newsweek's Jack Moore reports. To read the article, see this link

As more people come forward with their accounts of the situation in Charlottesville this past weekend, something is becoming more and more clear: the police were on hand to protect the white supremacist rally, and nobody else. The Charlottesville PD couldn't even be bothered to have an officer on hand observing the armed neo-Nazis marching in front of Congregation Beth Israel, even though there had been public calls for an arson attack posted on Nazi websites prior to the rally.

We are living under a right-wing government, and can't expect its protection. It's up to us to defend ourselves and one another.

Update on Derrick Davis: Still Around, Still Repping White Nationalism Around VCU

When I last posted about Derrick Davis almost exactly a year ago, he was a philosophy student at VCU and a member of the white nationalist Traditionalist Worker's Party. To the best of my knowledge, he's still a student, and still putting up TWP stickers all over the Monroe Park campus. RVA Dirt brings us his new photo and a tweet in which he celebrates the murder of Heather Heyer this past Saturday. Look sharp.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SONG Black August Bail Out: Care Package & Art Party

Monday, August 28th 2017, from 6-9pm in the Comm Room (3110 West Leigh Street, Richmond VA), Southerners On New Ground and the Virginia Anti-Violence Project are holding an event to make care packages for people released from jail as part of the Black August Bail Out action. From the event description:

"Black August has long been a month of resistance for Black folks. At its very essence, Black August emphasizes honoring and upholding Black community. We can think of no better way to commemorate the history of Black August than to bail out as many Black women, broadly defined, and Black trans people across the South as we can. As we center Black leadership and communities, we ask you to donate to SONG to help us connect Black families and loved ones, highlight the human costs of inhumane and destructive bail practices, and support local base building on the frontlines of mass incarceration."

VAVP will also be hosting a conversation on violence in the LGBTQ community.

The event is free, but donations to the bail out action are appreciated. For more info and to RSVP, see the link

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Free Brief Counseling Offered to Richmonders Exposed to Violence in Charlottesville

Were you a counter-protester, medic, legal observer, or other volunteer in Charlottesville this Saturday, and do you need to talk to somebody about what you saw or experienced? A network of counselors and therapists are contributing free brief sessions to Richmonders in this situation, to help them navigate the immediate effects of exposure to violence.

Space is limited and this type of service may not be adequate for everyone. Contact Nicole O-Pries at 804-601-6408 to be matched with somebody.

For more details, see the link.